This is a game assignment for university. The project was to make a game under the theme of crossroads. I implemented the desire of hope into this theme as your character wakes up in an isolated area looking for hope. There are puzzels and platforms in the game and you progress through zones by collecting cubes which brings you closer to your goal of achieving this hope. Metaphors throughout the game provides hints as to why the character is yearning for hope.

Controlls-> W A S D to move. mouse (preferably not mousepad on laptop) to look around. Left click to turn torch on and off. Space bar to jump, shift to run.

Press P in case you get stuck to bring you back to the starting point.

This is game is my final assignment for my college work and I am proud of what came out of my work and the things I achieved in this game. This was the first time I made hammered down on unity and its components of making a game.

Two rule of thumb, The game does take a couple of seconds to load up, and when you go through the monument give it a couple of seconds for the next scene to fully load. :)

Special thanks to the play-testers of this game, especially David Gheorghiu and Anonymus (name chosen by another play-tester) who gave some great feedback on the game.

Hopefully(no pun intended) you enjoyed the game. :)

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